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The future of higher education isn’t on campus or online. It’s the right combination of the two that expands access, improves support, and increases engagement.

Colleges and universities must increase the quality of their student experience while lowering the cost of education. This means finding the right combination of online, on-campus, and hybrid learning experiences; providing seamless services to support students and faculty, and utilizing effective technology and spaces.

brightspot evaluates your current academic programs, student services, technology, staffing, and spaces. Then, we envision your future and work with you to meet those needs combining your in-house resources and external staffing and services. Done right, institutions can create thriving academic communities that improve not only access but outcomes as well.

BrightSpot Strategy

“In a fast-paced project to develop a new instructional technology studio for faculty, brightspot was an agile facilitator and thoughtful partner, equally adept at solving service delivery and space challenges.”

– Jenn Stringer, Associate CIO, Educational Technology Services, UC Berkeley

To increase access and improve outcomes, institutions must build innovative, compelling programs that blend on-campus and online learning through instructional design, technology, and student services. Those programs will only thrive with the right support. So, students need digital and physical service hubs while they are enrolled, coupled with services to place students into practice around the world.

Faculty need support centers so they have one place to go for instructional design, content creation, tech support, and peer connection. Institutions need to change their pedagogy, policies, technology, and spaces to provide greater flexibility while increasing their return on investment in space, technology, and people. Now is the time to expand access, improve support, increase engagement, and enable student success.

“brightspot uniquely succeeds at being a strong thought partner on innovation and an implementation partner who enables change in services across the campus experience.”

Ben Maddox, Chief Instructional Technology Officer, New York University

BrightSpot Strategy

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