Visioning and Strategic Planning

Creating an ambitious yet achievable plan for the future requires an approach that looks internally and externally, involves and aligns many stakeholders, and rapidly tests ideas.

Top-down planning does not generate the buy-in needed for implementation. Prescriptive plans are soon obsolete. Plans that ignore the competitive landscape and larger trends are ill-informed. Instead, institutions need a collaborative process that provides both direction and flexibility.

By broadly engaging people in the process, brightspot facilitates a consensus-based approach to diagnose the current state and then craft a vision to differentiate your organization, offerings, and operations. Together, we then define the goals, identify key tactics, and test ideas to reduce risk and build momentum. With a vision or strategic plan in hand, your team will be aligned and ready to enact meaningful changes to your spaces, services, and organization.

“Our brightspot team had an unbelievable command of the strategic planning process and did a great job surfacing possible new directions for SCMA while relying on museum staff to articulate what we already know and do well.”

Jessica Nicoll, Director, Smith College Museum of Art

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy

“The most creative, innovative and futuristic program and building in higher education in all of America.”

– Carol L. Folt, President, University of Southern California

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