Space Programming and Planning

Spaces for learning, research, support services, and working need programming and planning that is research-driven, future-focused, and advances institutional strategy.

Programming and planning spaces for tomorrow cannot rely on past standards or be developed without consideration for how services are offered or how the digital experience is integrated. Guided by research on your people and places as well as your peers, brightspot works with you in a participatory, consensus-driven, and iterative process to plan for the future.

Together we create a vision and imagine future experiences for your community, then those experiences are translated into a space program with the quantities, qualities, and locations of spaces to achieve the vision. Along the way, we are identifying the needs for technology, services, staffing, and operations.

“brightspot got our complexity and was able to adapt and flex with us. They helped us think about where we wanted to go and turn our vision into something more concrete – which programs are going to grow, what are the spaces, and how do they go together.”

– Bob Reppe, Senior Director of Planning and Design, Carnegie Mellon University

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy

“brightspot worked with us to develop a transformational vision for the Charles Library. Together, we shaped an innovative service and support program for our students and faculty. Our library is a catalyst for learning, inspiration, intellectual engagement and community connection.”

– Joe Lucia, Dean of Libraries, Temple University

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All of our projects follow a systematic approach which includes research, visioning, and strategy.