Operational Planning

Innovative spaces and services require new operational plans that provide the staffing model, operating budget, policies, and processes to succeed.

Innovative spaces and support services require new operating models because they are often shared across groups, rely on new technologies or partners, have more varied usage, and require people to work in new ways. brightspot works with colleges and universities to understand their current operating state in terms of spaces, staffing, technology, partners, and finances.

We design the future operating state to support the coming space and service changes, including developing new staffing models, policies and procedures, internal processes, and operating budgets. With a future operating plan in place, institutions can mitigate the risk of and accelerate the adoption of new ideas for spaces and support services – on campus and online. Paired with organizational design and development, your team will be prepared to operate through change into the future.

“In order for the University of Virginia to further enhance the student educational experience, student advising was identified as an important area to address. brightspot was an important partner in helping us figure out how. Together, we planned a new Center that’s allowing dozens of support offices to interact with students in new ways and to reach students they might otherwise miss”

– Archie Holmes, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Virginia

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy

“Where can students go to explore their ideas to make a social, cultural, community, or economic impact? To solve for this, brightspot worked with us to create our iZone. Their expertise in user research, visioning, service design, space planning, and prototyping was critical to iZone’s approval, funding, and implementation.”

– Mary Ann Mavrinac, Vice Provost and Dean of River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

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