Organizational Design and Development

Colleges and universities need to collaboratively redesign their organizations and teams to have the right structure, roles, processes, staff, skills, and tools for the future.

Most organizational charts don’t reflect how you get work done or what services you offer. Many learning and development programs are training sessions people dread and quickly forget. brightspot takes a different approach to organizational design and development by using participatory processes so that people design their own future and develop the skills they need to realize it.

We clarify, reimagine, and align your purpose, process, roles, structure, partnerships, and support systems. We design and facilitate learning and development activities that enable people to play new roles, use new processes, and work in new ways. You will be better able to align, communicate, and collaborate internally and better adapt externally – often as a follow-up to service design and operational planning or on its own.

“brightspot helped us understand what our students and faculty need and then invent new services and spaces for them. The people are amazing and the deliverables are incredible. I look forward to working with brightspot on our next big thing.”

– David Ackerman, Chief Digital Officer and Associate Vice President, New York University

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy

“In a complex project to bring together student services from across the campus into a dynamic Learning Commons, brightspot’s design-thinking process fostered the development of a community of practice that continues to thrive today (4 years later!) and is helping students succeed academically and beyond.”

– Kelly Miller, Associate Dean for Learning and Research Services, University of Miami Libraries

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All of our projects follow a systematic approach which includes research, visioning, and strategy.