Student Experience Snapshot

Colleges and universities need a holistic assessment of their student experience that enables them to benchmark against peers, see changes over time, and provide insights they can act on.

Colleges and universities are seeking to differentiate themselves through their student experience, yet there are many areas in which the experience falls short. For instance, 36% of students rated solving real world problems in the classroom as ineffective, and only 56% of students have a favorable view of community at their schools. Regarding experiences with technology, 36% of students have not had a positive experience with emerging technology, while 5% haven’t encountered it at all. While overall, 70% of students view their campus facilities favorably, some areas are lagging behind such as student health centers as only 57% positive.

Institutions are prioritizing student experience in their strategic plans, creating new roles like Dean of Student Experience, and undertaking projects to transform the student experience. But too often assessing and improving the student experience is done piecemeal with separate surveys that only show part of the picture. They also either provide so much detail it’s tough to know what to do or not enough detail.

brightspot’s Student Experience Snapshot solves this by getting the detail just right and looking holistically at personal growth, academic experience, facilities, platforms, technology, academic services, administrative services, campus culture, and community. Using the Student Experience Snapshot, institutions can understand what the problems or opportunities are, how they compare to national benchmarks, and what to do about it. Students at participating institutions take the survey annually for three years with brightspot’s support and our agreement includes one meeting each year to review the findings and benchmark comparisons; first to establish a baseline, second to see changes, and third to establish trends. We also include discounted admission to conferences and webinars to review the national trends and results.

“brightspot worked with us to understand our students’ needs – not as a vendor but as an extension of our team – equally dedicated to enhancing our students’ experience at GWSB.”

– Liesl Riddle, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, George Washington University School of Business

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