July 13, 2016

What’s Driving us This Summer

brightspot Culture

Our team brings together diverse skills and backgrounds, so it makes sense that we draw inspiration from many fields. This summer we’re sharing with others what drives us putting our inspirations on display—both here and on a wall in our new office. We invite you to check out our summer reading list and the infographic below!

What we’re reading

What’s it called?: Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders by L. David Marquet
Who recommends it?: Tatiana
Why should I read it?: One of the best leadership books I’ve read!

What’s it called?: Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle
Who recommends it?: Gabi
Why should I read it?: It’s full of fascinating studies and theory by MIT professor Sherry Turkle of what it means to be human in this digital age.

What’s it called?: The Farm on the Roof: What Brooklyn Grange Taught Us About Entrepreneurship, Community, and Growing a Sustainable Business by Anastasia Cole Plakias
Who recommends it?: Tatiana
Why should I read it?: It’s a fabulous start-up and entrepreneurship book.

What’s it called?: Design Basics Index by Jim Krause
Who recommends it?: Alexis U.
Why should I read it?: It’s one of my go-to design theory books.

Hanging in our conference room are pictures of men and women from whom brightspotters drawn inspiration on a daily basis. Learn more about their stories and why they matter to us in the infographic below.

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