May 14, 2013

Being two.

brightspot Culture

In March, we celebrated our second anniversary and took the time to celebrate with clients, collaborators, and friends in New York. It was a terrific opportunity to look back on the last two years and express our gratitude to have worked with such great organizations to improve how people work and learn.

Of course, a party alone was not enough for us — there had to be an activity as well. So, we asked our guests to sketch out their “brightspots” from the last year, a person, place, and an event that inspired them. Here’s what we found out.

places that are brightspots: Places ranged from the venue (The Smith) to NYC sites like Prospect Park to American landmarks like Mount Rushmore to global locales like Venice and to outer space


people who are brightspots: People ranged from the unidentifiable persons to families and the first family to intellectuals, creative folk, sports stars, and wild things


events that are brightspots: Events ranged from the personal (“having a baby”) to the global (the “God Particle”), and everything in between (“Snoband”)


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