July 17, 2015

How to Connect Physical and Digital Experiences

Designing Experiences

This past weekend we led a pre-conference workshop at SCUP with Frank Migliorelli, the Director of Digital Experience at the New York Public Library, on how to connect physical and digital experiences and wanted to share some of our observations and some awesome examples.

(1) Digital is changing our expectations and how we interact with the world.

(2) Digital doesn’t just take place on a screen –  it takes place in the environment around us.

Xiao Zhu – Breathe Again

James Murphy x Heineken – Subway Symphony


(3) Digital can be used to change behavior.

TheFunTheory.com – Piano Staircase

Café Pelé – The Contagious Billboard

(4) Digital doesn’t have to be large scale or overly complex.

MTA – Countdown Clock and iPhone App

Photo by Danny Howard

(5) Digital experience must be supported by a content strategy.
Before Hunt Library opened, it had already been collecting content to display throughout the library.

NCSU Hunt Library’s My #HuntLibrary Campaign

Photo by Payton Chung

(6) Digital plays many roles, through multiple channels and forms – including devices, objects, screens, environments, and sound.


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