looking for a few good visionaries.


Purpose­-driven and people­-focused, you are looking for an open­minded, optimistic partner to understand and improve the experience of your employees, customers, students, visitors, and leaders. 


we are brightspot.

brightspot is an experience design and strategy consultancy. Using stories and stats, we design dynamic experiences that use learning to engage your people and connect them to your purpose, your institution, your information, your brand, and to each other. 


practical transformation

We take a holistic view of people, space, services, technology, and communications. Combining research, design, and strategy, we create a future vision for your organization that is at once imaginative and practical—to implement change that works. We offer:



& insights

Qualitatively and quantitatively understanding people, markets, competitors, and trends






& retreats

Designing, facilitating, and documenting interactive and amazingly productive meetings



& planning

Co-creating informed ideas to transform your spaces, service offerings, organization, technology, and communications


& coaching

Guiding you through implementation including prototyping, partner selection, training, and evaluation


engagement everywhere

We believe when your people are learning, they are engaged. Find brightspot transforming large purpose-driven companies and smart start-ups, reimagining libraries and museums, and rethinking college and university campuses and their buildings. Places where an engaging experience will help your people create, collaborate, and adapt.  


a culture of learning

Qualitative and quantitative tools give us a deep read on your needs, so we can co-create an experience that fosters continuous learning and engagement. Because of our close collaboration, you can be sure that your plan is integrated and practical as well as authentic to your brand and mission. 


learn to shine

Engagement happens not by accident, but by design. We create interactive, varied, meaningful experiences that are designed around the user and supported by the right spaces and services. Together, we can turn your people into lifetime learners—activated, stimulated, and inspired to grow. Our clients and projects include: