August 7, 2018

Researching Lead Users to Predict the Future

Achieving Impact

By Elliot Felix

Lead users represent the future that’s already here. Let them be your crystal ball the next time you face a forward-thinking planning project.

Do We Have All of the Input and Information We Need?

Have we heard from enough people? Do we have enough data? These are questions we get on almost every organizational, operational, or space planning project we do in higher education. This is not surprising given how much change colleges and universities are going through and the tough decisions they are faced with.

Why the interest in hearing from more and more people? In higher education, there is generally a strong belief in inclusion and consensus building as well as a desire to make informed decisions about complex problems. Often, leaders are hoping that a tough call will be made easier if they can just talk to more people and get more information. Unfortunately, tough decisions can’t always be made easier, and more data will just cloud the issue.

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