June 24, 2020

Webinar: How Students are Feeling & How Institutions are Planning


Inform your planning and decision-making for the fall as you prepare for a new academic year by using data from a recent national student survey and institutional perspectives gathered from more than 60 institutions.

brightspot set out to answer questions that are on the minds of so many institutions as they try to understand how their students are feeling and decide if / when / how to reopen their campuses in the fall. While students are generally satisfied, they have found some aspects of the COVID-19 transition challenging, miss the sense of community that campuses fostered, are questioning the value of their education, but despite all this are likely to return in the fall.

To complement this, from our conversations with nearly 40 public and private non-profit colleges and universities, we learned about adapting to remote work, making decisions in the face of uncertainty, adapting spaces and systems for the fall, and emerging from the crisis stronger than before.

In this program, we offer five recommendations for acting on these insights so that colleges and universities can adapt and enhance the programs and places they offer, how they operate, and how they are organized.

Recorded June 24, 2020. Presented by SCUP in affiliation with brightspot strategy.