September 23, 2020

Webinar: Creating a More Adaptive Institution in the Wake of COVID-19


How can colleges and universities become more adaptive in the wake of COVID-19? Adam Griff and Elliot Felix facilitated this interactive SCUP panel discussion that brought together different institutions’ perspectives from facilities, technology, student services, and finance to understand the impact of COVID-19 on institutions and their student experience.

The discussion is organized into three parts, each with a prompt to inform the discussion, a poll to take the pulse of the audience, and an open discussion among panelists from different roles at different institutions:

  1. What are the changes brought about by COVID-19 that colleges and universities must respond to? Which of these will be short-term and which will be long-term?
  2. How can colleges and universities best adapt to these changes now and build the capacity to keep doing so in the future?
  3. What might be the biggest barriers to becoming more adaptive institutions and how might they be overcome?

Following this three-act discussion, we reflect on the key themes from the conversation as a group, and each panelist offers advice for audience members as to how they can create a more adaptive institution.

Recorded August 20, 2020. Presented by SCUP in affiliation with brightspot strategy.