August 6, 2020

Webinar: Adaptive Campus Planner


As colleges and universities respond to changing conditions and increased community spread of COVID-19 in their regions, they need a tool to revise their reopening plans – and keep revising them as things change.

Based on our conversations with dozens of colleges and universities this spring and work advising institutions on if/how/what to reopen, we created a tool called the Adaptive Campus Planner.

The Adaptive Campus Planner is a worksheet to help plan and prepare for events that shape the operations of your institution. It works at the scale of the institution, a division/school within (e.g., Student Life), or drilling down to a specific department (e.g., Student Health), and it facilitates coordination and alignment by literally getting everyone on the same page.

For each offering – your services, programs, or functions – you think through the places, policies, procedures, products, people, and platforms for each of your offerings – and identify what needs to change for each.

In this engaging webinar, Elliot Felix, Maggie Walsh, and Kelly Sanford of brightspot will help you understand and apply the Adaptive Campus Planner to:

  • Define and describe your situation
  • Create guiding principles for decision making
  • Identify your offerings (i.e., services, programs, functions)
  • Identify changes to places, policies, procedures, products, people, and platforms

Recorded August 6, 2020.