July 16, 2020

Taking the Pulse of Your Students This Fall

Advising Leaders

This fall will be like no other. Some or all courses will move online. Spaces will be reconfigured for social distancing. Most or all student services and programming will move online – all happening as we experience crises in public health, financial conditions, and racial justice.

How can you quickly yet holistically take the pulse of your students this fall to see how they are feeling and how your institution is doing?

brightspot’s Student Experience Snapshot is a rigorously researched, nationally benchmarked survey that takes the pulse of students by analyzing the different dimensions of students’ experience – all the services, systems, and spaces they interact with such as academic programs, student services, technology, campus facilities, and campus culture and community.

Sample Snapshot Survey Question

The survey takes 5 minutes for students to complete on their phone or computer, can be sent to all students or a representative sample, and has higher responses rates than typical surveys because of its brevity and design.

This spring, brightspot conducted a national student survey to understand how institutions were feeling about their experience during COVID-19 to help institutions plan ahead. It revealed a student body generally satisfied but lacking the community and belonging that campuses foster with all that happens outside of the classroom.

Results from Spring Snapshot Survey

This fall, in order to help institutions take the pulse of their students, understand the impact of COVID-19, and inform how institutions can adapt, brightspot is offering a group program to enroll up to 20 institutions to take the Snapshot in September and receive a report within a month that uncovers insights about their students and how they compare to national benchmarks. By doing this as a group, brightspot is able offer our services at the discounted rates while simultaneously creating a network of institutions who can learn from us and each other.

We are offering three tiers of support:

  • Basic: For a fee of $4,500, brightspot will conduct our standard Snapshot survey and then create a standard report and meet with you to review to results. The report will cover how your students responded to each survey, how these compare with our national benchmarks, and what cross-cutting themes are for you to act on.
  • Intermediate: For a fee of $9,000, brightspot will provide the basic tier plus we will conduct one focus group with your students to explore and complement the survey results with additional nuance and qualitative insights. We will also facilitate one meeting across institutions so you have a chance to connect with, learn from, and help each other.
  • Advanced: For a fee of $17,500, brightspot will provide the intermediate tier plus we will segment the survey by student demographics so that institutions can understand not only the results in aggregate but by race and up to 5 other characteristics such as first-generation students, student athletes, low-income students, students with disabilities, or adult learners.

To participate in the survey program, institutions must enroll by August 21 and the program will be limited to 20 institutions. Please contact us with your interest or any questions you may have.

We look forward to helping you take the pulse of students this fall so that you can assess and adapt during these challenging times.


Example of Overall Satisfaction by Program

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