Transforming the Student Experience

To create a student-centric institution, colleges and universities must holistically assess and reimagine their spaces, technology, programs, services, operations, and culture.

Colleges and universities are competing to attract students and faculty to their institutions and investment for their research and programs. Through an integrated planning process that engages stakeholders from across the campus, brightspot gathers quantitative and qualitative data to understand the current state, identifies issues and opportunities across the institution, and develops strategies for improving the student experience that can be implemented as part of a phased approach. With comprehensive research and a new strategy in hand, your team will be aligned to move forward, excited from testing ideas, and ready to realize meaningful transformation for improved student satisfaction, retention, and success.

“When we wanted to envision our future student experience, we worked with brightspot in a collaborative process that yielded ideas that were both innovative and cost-effective.”

Vice President for Finance and Administration, Liberal Arts College

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy

“We turned to brightspot to study the student and faculty experience with research, teaching, and learning processes and we uncovered great insights together. Smith gained a lot from our brightspot partners.”

Katherine Rowe, former Provost, Smith College, current President, College and William and Mary

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All of our projects follow a systematic approach which includes research, visioning, and strategy.