Strategic Planning and Managing Change

Planning for the future and ensuring the adoption of change requires an approach that involves and aligns many stakeholders while rapidly testing ideas.

Organizational efforts to implement ambitious visions and change often fail as they are usually top-down efforts that do not generate buy-in; and, without buy-in, implementation is involuntary and the initiative falls flat. Through a structured process that engages key stakeholder groups and your community, brightspot facilitates a consensus-based approach to diagnose the current state, craft a vision for the future, define the goals, and identify key tactics to implement – and how to test them. With a strategic plan or change program in hand, your team will be aligned and ready to realize the future vision.

“Our brightspot team had an unbelievable command of the strategic planning process and did a great job surfacing possible new directions for SCMA while relying on museum staff to articulate what we already know and do well.”

Jessica Nicoll, Director, Smith College Museum of Art

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy

“brightspot helped us imagine a future that was highly flexible and collaborative using a planning process that was entirely new to the campus and was exactly what our Dean and Provost were looking for.”

Bob Johnston, Director of Facilities and Operations, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, University of Michigan

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