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Teaching, learning, and research spaces – and the services and programs that activate and operate them – need forward-thinking programming and planning to be ready for the future.

The spaces where you teach, learn, and work are under constant stress and the services you provide to students, faculty, and staff to be successful are shifting to meet demand. Through an engaging process from visioning, needs assessment, and future projections, brightspot works with you to plan for the future so that the spaces work for your needs instead of relying on past standards. With a vision, space program, space planning diagrams, and service strategy in hand, you’ll be prepared to realize new space models and how to activate and operate those spaces with coordinated services.

“We had a wonderful experience working with brightspot. They helped us overcome challenges and stimulate thinking about alternative futures by being impartial experts, being good listeners, and making everyone part of the process.”

– Susan Nutter, former Vice-Provost and Dean of Libraries, NC State University

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy

“We worked with brightspot to plan workspaces that were a completely new concept at the University and in higher education. They were a flexible partner throughout the process as good listeners, facilitators, and analysts.”

– Brian Swanson, Assistant Vice President, University Services, University of Minnesota

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All of our projects follow a systematic approach which includes research, visioning, and strategy.