Master Planning Spaces and Operations

Managing assets across campus requires a holistic and long-term view that engages a diverse group of stakeholder to create a flexible plan for the future.

Managing the operations of distributed organizations and facilities is complex as institutions deal with growth, internal changes, and external pressures. Through an integrated planning approach that analyzes the current state, forecasts the future, and develops practical strategies to get there, brightspot helps engage stakeholders across campus to create a comprehensive plan that provides short- and long-term improvements to spaces, services, and organizations. With a master plan in hand you will be able to assess upcoming opportunities, allocate resources, and flexibly implement the plan in a phased and coordinated way.

“We were thinking about what’s next and brightspot helped us get there by researching faculty and students, creating a playbook of services and spaces, then working with our staff to realize our goals.”

Director of Innovation and Program Design, Public Research University

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All of our projects follow a systematic approach which includes research, visioning, and strategy.