Navigating COVID-19

We know it’s hard, but you now have an opportunity to transform your institution after COVID-19 peaks. You can emerge from this crisis stronger than before. We can help.

To build on our whitepaper on the future of higher education and our compilation of data and resources for institutions, we can work with you to take the pulse of your community, reopen your campus with care, and see into the future.

Take the pulse

Any data that’s more than two months old is now obsolete. To help your students, faculty, and staff navigate this change, you need to take the pulse of your communities. We’ll help you understand how they are feeling right now and what they need for the fall.

  • Surveys, online interviews and focus groups, and mining data
  • Creating insights on programs, support services, facilities, technology, community, and communication
  • Providing comparisons to national trends and peer institutions
  • Identifying recommended actions to address the findings in the near- and long-term

Reopen with care

When and how you reopen your campus is a complex problem. Students, faculty, and staff numbers are uncertain. Spaces half-full for social distancing mean schedules and operations must change. We’ll help you plan holistically to reopen your campus and communicate it effectively.

  • Assessing then adjusting spaces and building systems for social distancing and health
  • Developing and communicating new behavioral norms for health behaviors
  • Changing schedules, staffing, and operations to operate spaces and services differently
  • Developing and implementing remote work policies, tools, and training
  • Creating and executing a communication plan so people are informed and included

Imagine 2030, now

As you think about the next semester, you also need to think about the next decade. The choices you make today should be wise investments in the future, not short-term fixes. By bringing together global trends, local analysis, and leadership retreats, we’ll help you imagine what your 2030 looks like.

  • Trends forecasting and peer comparisons
  • Future scenario planning to prepare for uncertainty
  • Facilitating interactive discussions with leadership, faculty, staff, and students
  • Developing goals, actions, and success measures