May 17, 2018

Sharpening our Focus on Higher Education

brightspot Culture

As we look back on our first seven years and look ahead, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on higher education – reinventing places, rethinking services, and redesigning organizations so that people have more engaging experiences on-campus and online.

More than 70 colleges and universities have turned to brightspot to design practical, innovative strategies to increase student success, improve research support, and enhance staff productivity while making their space and operations more efficient.

So, we are uniquely positioned to help institutions transform by improving student services across the campus, rethinking academic technology, reinventing a library, planning an academic museum, helping a professional school grow, or enabling people to work differently.

Associate Director Amanda Wirth facilitates a workshop with library leadership at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Learning and collaboration are what drive us – to improve how students, faculty, staff, and alumni learn; to always be learning ourselves; and to partner with people to design their future together. Our focus on higher education will allow us to best utilize our participatory process, fulfill our learning purpose, and have the greatest impact.

And there is a lot to do: less than 40% of college freshman are engaged (NSSE), only about 50% of students are satisfied (RNL), only 34% of university faculty and staff are engaged (Gallup), and 70% of organizational changes fail (HBS).

We’re fortunate to have worked with innovative companies and leading cultural organizations and so we will be applying what we’ve learned to academic institutions. When there is an opportunity to help people learn in other sectors, we’ll take those on selectively where we can have an outsized impact.

Colleges and universities aren’t standing still and neither are we. We’ll continue to learn and adapt while providing the same excellent results we have in the past. We invite you to visit our updated website to learn more about our focus on higher education.

Onward to awesome.


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