August 8, 2018

Fall 2018 Conference Preview

brightspot Culture

At brightspot, we love to share our thinking so that as many institutions as possible can benefit and so that we can learn and improve what we do as we talk about it with others. So, this fall we have a great lineup of conference workshops (yes, we turn every “presentation” into a workshop!) where we hope to connect with you!

Designing Libraries VII
9/16 – 9/18 in Calgary, Alberta
We are co-facilitating a pre-conference workshop on linking space, service, and organizational change with Temple University and the Coalition for Networked Information that will enable libraries to innovate and evolve.

NACUBO 2018 Planning and Budgeting Forum
9/24 – 9/25 in Louisville, KY
We are leading the session “Budgeting for Collaboration: Planning a Shared Services Advising Center” with University of Virginia that covers the collaborative process we facilitated for space, student services, staffing, operations, and budgeting.

Tradeline Space Strategies
10/15 – 10/16 in Scottsdale, AZ
We are presenting a “Step-by-Step Guide to Academic Workplace Innovation” with University of Michigan using their newly renovated Weiser Hall as a case study, from research to programming to piloting to change management to post-occupancy evaluation.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
10/30 – 11/2 in Denver, CO
We are presenting with New York University on “Redesigning Spaces, Services, and Training for Creative, Collaborative Student Experiences” using the case study of their Laguardia Co-op as example of how to reinvent technology spaces and their physical and digital service experiences.

Library Assessment Conference
12/5 – 12/7 in Houston, TX
We are co-facilitating a workshop with Columbia, NC State, and Tufts on a self-assessment toolkit for librarians of the future (that we’ve been creating with four other institutions). We are also leading a session with Martha Kyrillidou to answer the library planning FAQ “How many seats do we need in our library?” with a new utilization-based forecasting model.

If you are planning to attend one of these, please get in touch with brightspot Founder Elliot Felix ( as we’d love to meet up! If you want more information about the ins and outs of any of these events – or our sessions – please reach out as well as we’re happy to help. Onward to awesome.


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