May 1, 2015

Comparing Services: Working Bottom-up and Top-down

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We’ve been looking across the different services we deliver and seeing some interesting patterns. Whether its service design, strategic planning, space programming, or organizational design, we are always working bottom-up and top-down simultaneously to:

  1. Understand the context, inside and outside the organization
  2. Identify individual services, actions, spaces, or roles – let’s call these planning “units”
  3. Relate these units into meaningful “groupings” based on things like customer journeys, organizational structure, physical proximity, or workflow
  4. Connect the units and the groupings to some larger and unique organizing idea that helps make decisions and provide direction
  5. Tie the units, groupings, and organizing idea to a set of measurable outcomes that can be used to track progress and enable continuous improvement

We’ve captured this in the table below:

 Service DesignStrategic PlanningSpace ProgrammingOrganizational Design
UnitsServiceActionSpacePeople / Roles
GroupingsService PortfolioGoalsNeighborhoodDepartments / Groups
Organizing IdeaBusiness ModelVision and MissionBuilding or CampusOrganizational Structure
Selected Success MeasuresCustomer satisfaction

Net Promoter Score

Response times

Revenue and profit

Acquistion and retention
Internal / external integration

Connect people and purpose

Competitive position

Coordination and prioritization

Action / goal completion
User satisfaction

User productivity

User attraction / retention

Space utilization

Brand / values expression
Attraction and retention

Personnel – role fit

Ownership and accountability

Clear, concrete expectations

Employee engagement

Interested to hear if this fits with other services or if there are other rows we could add. Let us know!

– Elliot

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