Supporting the future of work at University of Minnesota

brightspot developed Work+, an alternative workplace strategy program for the University of Minnesota, as a way to rethink the space, technology, and training necessary for productive work. Rather than assign people to a single work space, Work+ provides a variety of options within a neighborhood of spaces.

BrightSpot Strategy

“We worked with brightspot to plan workspaces that were a completely new concept at the University and in higher education. They were a flexible partner throughout the process as good listeners, facilitators, and analysts.”

– Brian Swanson, Assistant Vice President, University Services, University of Minnesota

Working collaboratively with the University’s administrators as well as an integrated team of HR, IT, and Facilities representatives, brightspot oversaw a multi-phase planning process to design and brand the program, determine the typical project process, develop the tools, train staff to use them, and implement a successful pilot.

The resulting Work+ program has boosted productivity in less space. A post-occupancy analysis on the pilot revealed improvements in business performance (69% reduction in response times and 43% greater access to other departments), space utilization (36% less space per person), and workplace satisfaction (114% greater sense of energy). As a result of this pilot, the University is pursuing ways to apply the Work+ program more broadly.

The University also applied Work+ to the University of Minnesota Rochester, a satellite campus, as a way to minimize its physical footprint. The resulting space combines open, collaborative workplace for faculty within office suites paired with adjacent private consulting areas for meetings with students.

BrightSpot Strategy
BrightSpot Strategy