How COVID-19 is Creating Phygital Experiences with Technology as the Interface Between People and Space

COVID-19 has made technology an even more important interface between people and space, enabling them to have safer and satisfying experiences that are a hybrid of physical and digital – phygital. In this article, we’ll outline the role of technology in phygital experiences, examples of technology fulfilling these roles, the benefits, and how user journeys have changed as a result. Read more

Five Best Practices in Communicating Change

Communication needs to be clear, swift, and timely as campuses collectively learn and adapt to the best protocols for minimizing COVID-19 risks on campus. Learn five best practices in communicating change and pitfalls to avoid. Read more

Taking the Pulse of Your Students This Fall

How can you quickly yet holistically take the pulse of your students this fall? In order to help institutions take the pulse of their students and inform how they adapt, brightspot is creating a network of institutions who can learn from us and each other. Read more

Shifting to Remote Facilitation: Lessons from the Home Office

Regardless of the endless speculations we can make about the future, in-person and remote workshops are grounded in the overarching goals of design thinking workshops: participatory, agile, and practical. Read about potential challenges of remote workshops and learn workaround recommendations. Read more