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Great design improves the human experience.


We reimagine places, rethink services, and redesign organizations so that people have remarkable experiences in the workplace, at museums and libraries, and on university campuses.


we offer research, vision, and strategy services

Using stories and stats, we design remarkable experiences that use learning to engage your people and connect them to your purpose, your institution, your information, your brand, and to each other. We offer:




  • Trend research

  • Competitive research

  • Customer and employee research



  • Retreats and summits

  • Future scenario planning

  • Strategic and business planning



  • Space analysis, programming, and planning

  • Service design and operational planning

  • Organizational design and development


using a practical approach

We look at spaces, services, technology, and people together because the combination of these offerings make for a remarkable experience. We involve people in the process to enable organizational change. We use an agile approach to prototype, pilot, learn, and scale.


with a multidisciplinary team

To solve complex problems, our team brings together diverse disciplines, skills, and backgrounds: architecture, interior design, social science, design research, business strategy, brand strategy, technology, and organizational change. 

Interested in joining our team? We are currently seeking an entry-level Strategist. Click HERE to apply.


that gets results

Together, we can achieve results. Recently these have created internal and external benefits for our clients. Internally, we have increased employee engagement, reduced cost, and reduced time loss. Externally, we have increased attendance, improved customer satisfaction, and increased client's net promoter scores.


in the workplace

Companies succeed when their employees are engaged, productive, and developing. We improve the spaces your people work in, the services and amenities you offer, how your people work, and your organizational culture and structure.



As a long-term partner to Google’s Real Estate and Workplace Services (REWS) team we have developed workplace design guidelines, conducted research, aligned and advised teams, supported workplace communications, and developed strategies to improve the Googler work experience.


  • Set a new standard for individual workplaces

  • Developed lessons learned from academic research and other industries

  • 71% increase in workplace satisfaction in the pilot study

Google Offices Worldwide

Google Offices Worldwide


Reward Gateway

We created a seamless transition for Reward Gateway’s London-based staff as they moved into a new office that supports mobile work across a variety of unique spaces, invites their customers in, and showcases their brand.


  • 156% increase in team effectiveness (to 91%)

  • 95% increase in individual effectiveness (to 82%)

  • 93% of the workforce feels empowered to advance the purpose of the company


at museums and libraries

In an increasingly competitive landscape, cultural institutions must attract and retain diverse audiences and become more responsive organizations. We help cultural institutions grow and transform their facilities, their programs, and themselves.



In collaboration with Snøhetta, we developed the vision and space program (and later the strategic plan) to help SFMOMA achieve their vision “to mean more, to more people” through their expansion project that opened in 2016.


  • 205% increase in annual visitors: 585K to 1.2M

  • 93% visitors feel the “experience at SFMOMA is consistently excellent”

  • 93% visitors feel the “SFMOMA staff provide excellent service”

Image credit: Snøhetta

Image credit: Snøhetta


New York Public Library

brightspot worked with NYPL’s staff, board, and the public to create a design brief for transforming their libraries in midtown Manhattan. This included customer research, community engagement, visioning, programming, and space planning.


  • Securing government and private funding

  • Selection of Mecanoo and Beyer Blinder Belle architects

  • Broad community participation (including over 17,000 survey responses)


on university campuses

Shifts in technology, student expectations, leadership vision, and funding are dramatically changing higher education. We partner with institutions to improve their student services, libraries, professional schools, and campus experience as a whole.


Hunt Library @ NC State

With our partners Snøhetta and Clark Nexsen, brightspot developed an innovative vision and space strategy, service design, and organizational design for a new award-winning “library of the future”on Centennial Campus.


  • AIA / ALA Library of the Year in 2013

  • 2015 Library Journal New Landmark Library

  • 93% student satisfaction

  • 10% increase in research questions asked of Librarian (while this is declining elsewhere)

Image credit: Snøhetta

Image credit: Snøhetta


Total Advising @ UVA

brightspot, in collaboration with Nalls Architecture, developed the vision, space strategy, service design, organizational design, and the operating budget for an integrated student service center that brings together academic, personal, and career support in a cohesive, accessible way.


  • 24 service partners assembled  delivered in one place

  • Post-occupancy assessment forthcoming


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